Price list

Pre ballet, 4-6 years old: spring semester payment: 350€.

Ballet for 7-8 years old: spring semester payment: 450€.

Ballet for 9-11 years old: spring semester payment: 450€.

Adult ballet classes: Covid-19 time we sell only 10 x cards and anytime cards.

60 minute class: 1x week is 75€ / Month

75 min. classes: 1x week is 85 €/ Month

2x week is 125 €/ Month

3x week is 160 €/ Month 4x week ois 195 €/ Month

90 min. classes:

1x week is 90 €/ Month

2x week is 140 €/ Month

3x week is 170 €/ Month

4x week is 210 €/ Month

5x week is 250 €/ Month

Anytime card 
250 € / Month. right to attend classes of all lenght for a Month. at the end of the period there is no right to compensate.

Pointe tecnique extra payment: 30 minute pointe work 1 x/week = 35 €/Month 30 minute pointe work 2 x/week = 60€/Month.

Senior ballet: 1x60minute / week = 60 € / Month.

Single classes: 45-60 minute class= 20 €. 75-105 minute class = 30€.

10 times a card for a ballet class: 250 €: Valid for three months from the date of purchase. You must register for the class by the Email:

10 times a card for a fitness classes: 95€: (Pilates, BodyMove ja Functional Training). Valid for 5 month from the date of purchase.

Pro classes semester payments:

Pro1: 750€ spring semester (January-may)

Pro2: 950€ spring semester (January-may)

Pro 3: 1.150 € spring semester (January-may).

You can pay semester payments 1 or 2 sets. When you start your studies in Pro class, the stedent and parents agree to pay full-year payments until the end of spring. Suspension of payments is only possible with a medical certificate. Participationin adult classes costs 5€ / class.

Discount groups: family discount, (granted to one family member) -10%. Credit for classes: Ballet Academy gives its students the opportunity for temporary absences. You can compensate classes before or after. within one month. Right to compensate is maintained when your reserved classes are payed, the refund right expires if you cancel your classes. Intensive courses have no compensation right.

Private classes 100€ hour. for Academy student 80€

Helsinki Balettiakatemia´s bank account: FI5657800720411912. When paying in the message field the student`s name and the class/group. Payment always before the first class.